Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Arab Strap boxset - Scenes Of A Sexual Nature

The Arab Strap box set, Scenes Of A Sexual Nature, is now scheduled for release in April. Details from Chemikal Underground:

The boxset reissue of Arab Strap's first two albums is finally nearing completion with a provisional release date slated for mid-April. The final touches have been applied over the past week with the final flourish, a numbered certificate personally signed by Aidan and Malcolm, getting - quite literally - signed off as you read this electronic epistle.

A reminder then, of exactly what this slab of enormo-wonderment comprises:

* LP of Week Never Starts Round Here replete with artwork modifications
reflecting Aidan's original 'vision'.
* 2LP of Philophobia with revised sleeve artwork incorporating
lyric/book effect.
* Bonus 2LP featuring Arab Strap's first two Peel Sessions,
rarities/tracks from old singles etc. and a live version of 'Girls Of
Summer' from Chemikal's 5th Birthday Party, complete with John Peel's
* The bonus 2LP also includes 'Daughters of Darkness'; a previously
incomplete and unreleased track, recently finished in Chem19 by Aidan and
Malcolm exclsuively for this box set.
* A CD of live BBC material: Arab Strap's first ever concert at King
Tuts in October 1996 and their live performance at T In The Park, July 1998.
* A CD featuring tracks from all of Arab Strap's WNSRH and
Philophobia-era EPs.
* A data disc featuring MP3s of all the vinyl only tracks and movie
files for videos 'Here We Go' and '(Afternoon) Soaps'.
* A complete replica of Arab Strap's original 'green frog' demo cassette
as sent to Chemikal Underground in 1996.
* Full, exclusive sleeve notes by both Aidan and Malcolm.
* A full colour poster featuring press clippings/reviews/Strap-related
Falkirk hysteria.
* A numbered certificate. individually signed by Malcolm and Aidan.

So, in summary: 5LPs, 3CDs, 1 cassette, 1 poster, 1 signed certificate, over
70 tracks, only 1,000 made, a lot of hard work, a great deal of

Pre-ordering details are currently being finalised with a proposed retail
price in the region of £65.

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