Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Moon Duo - Escape

You've heard of Wooden Shjips right? If not, then why not?! If you're into hazy, woozy, opiate-drenched, krauty, motorik, reptitive, psychedelic drones then go listen: http://www.myspace.com/woodenshjips.

Right, once that's out of the way that brings us on to Moon Duo. Moon Duo is, yep, you've guessed it, a duo - Ripley Johnson & Sanae Yamada. Ripley is also in Wooden Shjips as a guitarist and singer. Not sure exactly who Sanae is, but she's on keys in Moon Duo.
Their sound is in the same fuzzy furrow as that of Wooden Shjips, albeit a tad more colourful when it comes to tone and chord shifts. At times they sounds a lot darker than Shjips, and at others they're verging on fuzzy Velvets surf.

They've got a couple of EP's out, 'Killing Time' and 'Love On The Sea', and their debut album, 'Escape', has just come out this week. I agree with some others that this is in fact the best release of the Wooden Shjips/Moon Duo gang. Shame it's so short - 4 tracks which in total clock in at about 30 mins. Some may argue that this constitutes being more EP than LP. Not to worry, it just means you get to listen to it all over again that bit more quickly.
Moon Duo - Escape

You can buy (some of) their stuff at the fantastic Norman Records store here:

Pitchfork gave a free track of theirs a while back. Grab it here:

Here's a video of a Moon Duo jam, 'Bopper's Hat':

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