Monday, 31 May 2010

Enter The Void

I've been waiting well over a year for Gaspar Noé's 'Enter The Void' to be released. Anyone who's seen his previous film Irreversible will know how powerful his visions on screen are, whether you like them or despise them. Enter The Void apparently pushes the boundaries even further and is supposed to be a 3 hour hallucinatory, mindbending trip of a film mainly due to it's visual style. It was released in France at the beginning of May and I'm hoping it gets a proper release over here soon as I'd love to see it on the big screen, followed by blu-ray.

Check out the teaser videos below.

The Official website:

Unnofficial site:


Cannes press kit (PDF):

The epileptic fit inducing opening credits:

Japanese trailer:

International Trailer (doesn't really show any of the trippy aspects of the film):

8 minute vfx video (various hallucinatory effects shots, as well as some of them deconstructed):

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Southland Tales

Oops, I've been away from here for a bit. Tonight I had a few drinks and rewatched one of my favourite films, Southland Tales. Yeah, I know how flawed and confusing the film is, the 'comedy' in it is weird and The Rock is in it. Despite all of that I'm very impressed with Richard Kelly's vision. Quite obviously the film needs to be about 9 hours long as there is some trouble trying to cram the whole story into a couple of hours. Nevertheless, I love this film. Because of the vison:  The story, how it looks and how it sounds. I think that the flaws even add something to it for me. Also, Richard Kelly is some man for making brilliant 'music promo videos' within his films, e.g Pixies, The Killers, BRMC and Moby in Southland tales. He did the same in Donnie Darko.