Sunday, 1 August 2010

Spiritualized - Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space live in NY - 30-07-2010 - AUDIO RIP

Well, here it comes, here comes the sound......
Spiritualized - LAGWAFIS live @ Radio City Music Hall NY - 30-07-10 (Webstream audio rip @ 192kbps mp3) -----
Thanks to 'shalloboi' on the Spiritualized forum for ripping this. Sounds absolutely gorgeous.

Here's a video rip of the last 50mins of the videowebcast of the show - 'No God Only Religion', 'Cool Waves', 'Cop Shoot Cop', 'Out Of Sight', 'Oh Happy Day'.  Not sure who originally ripped this, but I downloaded it as a torrent and re-upped it to megaupload.  (600MB mpeg)
(As with any Megaupload links, if it says the file is temporarily unavailable then just try again later.)

There is a torrent of the full video webcast located on Demonoid. It's not fantastic video quality, but it does the trick. I don't believe there are any other versions of it out there.
(Note that with Demonoid sometimes it won't let you open a torrent link without an account. If so, just try again later. It'll eventually open up without the need for you to register.)


Electricity (video)


  1. Thanks a lot for this rare jewel
    You made my day!

  2. I am SO happy that you posted this, it's Christmas Eve and this is the best present I could get. I've been looking everywhere for a recording of this show--even happy to pay money for it, just couldn't find it anywhere. A video and a recording of the music? Did I die and go to heaven?

    "Everything happens today
    And we're out here to stay"!!!

    BTW, any idea where to buy an "official" recording of the tour? I went up to the ATP site and no go...

  3. Glad to help, but 'shalloboi' on the Spz forum is the one who deserves all the thanks for ripping the audio. I don't know whether this gig will be officially released in some format. Its a shame especially seeing as it was streamed live over the net (as per vid above). I did try ripping the streaming video at the time but alas it didn't work out. :( Hopefully one day it'll surface on dvd or something, along with that Acoustic Mainlines gig they did in Union Chapel in london a few years ago...

  4. any chance you will re-upload the audio to a different site? :)